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New #keyboard and #mouse! My #battlestation is slowly coming together… also, I like #red.
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Okay. So the computer is finally finished. It only took 14 hours.
Verdict: acrylic tubing sucks. 
My hands are still killing me from the compression fittings, all the little cuts, and the burns from the heat gun. But overall I’m really happy with it, and it’s nice to finally have my desktop back.
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Not a nice looking rig but it puts in work. 
(Intel fan in there to keep my northbridge cool. Its ghetto rigged but whatev, it works)
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Let’s see how productive I can be today. 

I need to finish gardening, finish building the PC and maybe even go do some photography.
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Guess who DIDN’T brick their CPU?!
Also dropped my temps by ~10-15C from the H100i it was originally cooled by, before de-lidding. (75-80C @4.4GHz) and close to 30C from an older H60(95c @4.4GHz

Still going thru leak testing and will replace the fluid to its permanent replacement tomorrow.

But for now the job is completed, and Im exhausted.
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Just replaced my Phenom II X6 1045T with an FX 8320. 

No. Fucking. Regrets. 

My Phenom was a beast, to be sure, but this thing gives new meaning to the word “power”. 

The only annoying part was removing and then putting my Hyper 212 Heatsink back on. That thing is a beast but it’s a bitch to install.

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Pretty happy considering it’s my first build. I was going for a black and gold theme, but also something that looked clean. I love the look of the Corsair 350D case. Maybe in the future I’ll get a windowed panel because I’m starting to like looking at the insides >.< Originally I was going to get the i7-4700k, but there was a mix up and my cousin accidentally got me the i7-4700. So there will be no overclocking (even though the motherboard was suppose to be for it), but I can’t complain since this was free and honestly I’m still really happy. Wiring was kind of difficult because the psu cables were kind of stiff. One problem I had was that there weren’t enough plugs for my fans. I have like 5 fans (pre-installed when I bought) but only 2 can operate. I ordered a fan splitter so the front 2 fans will work. I’m not worried about the top fans, but I’ll probably look to get a dust filter or maybe a Corsair H100i because I love the look and water cooling never hurts. i removed the ssd cages and put the ssd in one of the hard drive slots to increase air flow and it also looks cleaner in my opinion. The biggest thing that I like about the build is the optical drive “stealth” mod my cousins and I did. If you look at other builds of Corsair 350Ds with cd drives, the fronts kind of take away from the clean black finish and aesthetics of the case. So after removing some parts, cutting, and double sided tape, the optical drive is fully functional, but also looks great. In the future, I plan to replace the psu with maybe a Corsair RM750 because I like the all black wires and also it’s modular so cable management will be much easier. Also I heard the fan is softer too. The current psu is a tad loud, but nothing unreasonable and it was also free so can’t complain there. Just going to wait for Black Friday :3 Overall, I’m extremely happy with this build and I would like to thank everybody who helped contribute to it, whether it be giving me parts, helping me build, or just supplying information!
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This is my gaming computer i built about a month ago, MSI motherboard, AMD quad core processor overclocked at 4.01ghz, 8gb of ram, 2gb EVGA Geforce GTX 660 graphics card, 230gb SSD, things a beauty, but no name yet, any ideas?
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Got my new cpu cooler, god i love it >< temps are super low even in full load and its really quiet. Def a step up from my fail closed waterloop.

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New pc :) love it

Watcha got in that bad boy?